The (Self) Political
When I am in a dark place I listen to Nirvana
Site-Specific Installation with sound, 2012
Project Da

In my artist statement, I say that I work with the ‘desperation of humans’ and the ‘politics of belonging,’ masked with a naked raw irony and self-deprecation that is meant to be seen through.

It is so.

This work.
It is a non-linear narrative; it is multiple, no beginning and no end. It is the place in between.

It is a mess, trashy art, political art and diary shit.

Mark Twain is my muse, and this book, has become another thing to obsess about and take claim to as me, me, me. Ego is perhaps the (self) political. The innocents abroad, me me and maybe you you.

How are you?

I am in a dark place.


The Nomad. With and Without a past. (over dramatic silly girl).

What is interesting is the middle.